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Anonymous asked : Oh okey. :) I must learn english. haha. :D

you seem to have it pretty good so far :)

Anonymous asked : haha. I'm from Germany. I have english at school, but I am not so good. haha. :D

no I understand and it’s okay!
I’m Portuguese which isn’t really close to Germany but still Europe! haha
I live in the USA though

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Anonymous asked : Okey. Sailor moon shaped my child hood. (Is that correct?:D)

yes thats perfectly correct hhahah
where are you from if you don’t mind me asking?

tara-senpai replied to your post: Not many?:D hihi. I have only 8. :DD I love your blog.

Im definitely one of the 5 omg

that GIF lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao you don’t follow my personal thooo
Anonymous asked : Not many?:D hihi. I have only 8. :DD I love your blog. <3 And I love Sailor Moon.

don’t feel bad on my personal I have like 250 and like only 5 talk to me hahaha
but yes, I love sailor moon, my childhood right there!

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Anonymous asked : How many followers have you? sorry for my bad englisch

it’s okay!
and not many because I just started a couple months ago, about 500

K #13 a summary:


  • I don’t know man I was crying

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“sequel production has been confirmed”
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Shiro: Sorry...that I couldn't be the kind of King you would have liked.
Kuroh: *drops to one knee*
Shiro: Kuroh?! Wai--what are you--?!
Kuroh: Pipe down and let me conduct the ceremony. -- Ichigen-sama...will you please forgive my pledging myself to a new King...?
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you know raw episodes are great…
I kind of need the subs though…