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I mean why would I NOT go in the car with her?


true fact


So I want to re-watch all the sailor moon movies from the series, but I want them SUBBED not DUBBED.

I have searched and searched! if anyone knows a link or something inbox me or reply to this PLEASEEE!

tdubbbz asked : Haruka or Michiru?

OMG don’t get me started on this! I made a whole post on this :))

but Haruka just wins my heart every episode she is in! I find Michiru drop dead gorgeous, but Haruka has such a great personality, and I love how she truly does care for the inner senshi even though she might show it in a different way. and her love for Michiru, dammnn I’d want a girl like that!!

plus her flirty personality is just a plus !

Haruka, I loveee youuuu.