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Plot twist: Usagi returns Seiya’s love and dumps Mamoru
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So I want to re-watch all the sailor moon movies from the series, but I want them SUBBED not DUBBED.

I have searched and searched! if anyone knows a link or something inbox me or reply to this PLEASEEE!

Haruka, I loveee youuuu.
Rei and Usagi, I wish I had a friendship like that.
this made me cry & laugh all at the same time.

Sailor Moon 30 Day Challenge! 
Day 04 – Best friendship
Usagi & Rei. They may fight alot, but they’re always there for eachother. ♥ 

they are more like sisters than friends: which I love
When Mamoru says he does not love Usagi anymore in Sailor Moon R to protect her.

It was just so sad, and Usagi was going everything to get him back :(